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  • Ethan Slightfingers

    Ethan is a criminal, wanted in the city of Everthorn for stealing "sensitive materials". After this heist, he traveled to Clavensport, where he stole Chester Hightower's antique dagger. He was apprehended at The Goblin's Boot by [[:the-mighty-tiggs | The …

  • Temple Bane

    Temple Bane is a renowned, ruthless mercenary known throughout all of Pelor. He's expensive, but he delivers. He DOES have a reputation amongst other Mercenaries to steal their quarry. It is rumored that he was given a powerful artifact that allows him …

  • Chester Hightower

    Chester runs the town of Clavensport. He lives with his adopted son, [[:leon-sporkfire | Leon Sporkfire]]. He also has a collection of ancient artifacts and weapons. One of these, an ancient dagger, was stolen by [[:ethan-slightfingers | Ethan …

  • Cinder

    Cinder has been with the Peloran order since she was orphaned as a small child. She has gained great respect in Everthorn as a healer. Her knowledge of medicines, countercurses, and healing spells is said to be unmatched in the kingdom.

  • Markis

    A lawful stupid Paladin. Acts as a soldier for the king. Markis truly believes the king is doing what must be done for the good of the kingdom, as well as the world. Collects a lot of arcane books to be stored by the king.