Graybrow's Fall

Failures and Triumphs

In which we learn that fire is not always the best answer...

The party descended the mountains with the two survivors of the Basilisk’s lair. On their way down, they encountered an Ice Golem, at the point in the path that had been broken off by the large boulder. He created an ice bridge, and began advancing on the party. Attempting to attack the creature, The Mighty Tiggs attempted to cross the bridge, but slipped and fell down into the depths. Kresh and Torojiro attempted to fight the beast, using Kresh’s Flaming Sword of Fire and Torojiro’s newfound Psionic powers. Unfortunately, they were standing on an ice bridge, which melted, causing the creature and Kresh to fall. Torojiro jumped down to assist his comrade. During the battle, the merchant had been frozen. Despite the best efforts of Nell, he died. Duchess attempted to carry the small girl across the chasm, but fell. The two were impaled on rocks. Duchess survived, but the little girl, unfortunately was lost.Clusterfuck also fell down the chasm, injuring himself greatly. Nell healed the party, and they rested and regrouped, making their way back to the cottage.

Once they were at the cottage, they saw two War Horses, from Everthorn. Duchess snuck up to the window and discovered General Romulus and Temple Bane torturing Raina and Bartholomew to find out the party’s whereabouts. They are, after all, wanted criminals in Everthorn. Romulus revealed that he had a small army of Paladins searching the nearby town. He began to torture the two with a hot poker.

The party made a loud noise, luring Temple Bane outside. After a skirmish, he was knocked out and left for dead. The party then went inside, where Romulus was holding Raina. He called upon an associate of his (Patrick, the Minotaur), who burst through the wall (Oh Yeah!), and attacked the party. Spells were cast, axes were swung, badgers were summoned, and after a lengthy battle, Romulus had escaped. Tiggs had managed to beat the Minotaur to death, but he was too late to save Kresh, who was killed by the creature’s great axe. Nell used the Resurrection staff to revive her fallen comrade, and the party even managed to save Raina and Bartholomew. Kresh mused over his trip to Valhalla for a bit, before deciding to stay with the party. The party moved forward, into an uncertain future, to escape their pursuers, and find the way to Haven.


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