Guys, Mona is Super Hot.


Mona is absolutely gorgeoMona is a stunningly beautiful young woman who was enslaved by Dr. Quentin Thelonious in his tower, and forced to become his assistant. He was horribly abusive to her. The first bit of kindness she was ever shown was by Nell of Everthorn, who the party freed from imprisonment. Mona instantly established a rapport with Nell, assisting her when she was injured. She is currently helping the party to escape from the horrible tower. Nell’s companions are slightly suspicious of Mona’s intentions and her obsession with the Peloran Cleric, but they, overall, believe in her sincerity.


Mona is, in reality, a succubus who was summoned by The Cult of Discord. However, due to a botched summoning, she was not completely placed under their control. Freed from her imprisonment, she went from city to city, sucking the sexual energy out of the inhabitants of Pheramat. She unfortunately, for her, was found by the Peloran inquisition and imprisoned in the tower. Her beauty caught Dr. Quentin Thelonious’s eye, and he used his mastery of magic to take away her abilities and force her to become his slave.

When Nell showed her kindness, Mona legitimately fell in love with her. She struggles with her feelings for Nell, and her thirst for the sexual energy of others.


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