Graybrow's Fall

Adventure 3: The Rival Mercenaries

In which our heroes meet their rivals.

The party returned to Burskinston with heavy hearts to break the news to the families that they [[Adventure 2: The Cult of Discord | could not save their daughters]]. The couple claimed that “the Inquisition is right. Magic only leads to darkness and tragedy”. Upon making it back to the tavern, Milos rewarded our heroes for ridding the town of the cultists with free ale and rooms for the night. He also provided The Mighty Tiggs with manacles for his quarry. While Torojirowatched over the unconscious Ethan Slightfingers, Folith studied the spellbook that he had retrieved from the battle. After much time, he was able to at least determine that the language was draconic. Nell and Tiggs went into town to purchase a healing potion. The woman who ran the apothecary, Agatha, persuaded them to buy a potion that could knock anyone out for 24 hours. This would assist in keeping Ethan from escaping. They enlisted Duchess Catslove to barter the price down. They made away with the potion, as well as a few healing vials. Back at the tavern, Tiggs and Duchess grew closer, as she made a dandelion crown for him. They all drank, while the others meditated, studied, and prepared spells.

That night, Folith had a very disturbing dream. He saw flashes of two powerful wizards fighting, where many would die. He also had visions of a staff stuck in a stown, and a city of the dead. He explained this dream to Torojiro, who believed the spell book to have been cursed. He also hypothesized that the vision was that of Graybrow’s fall, over a century earlier!
The four set out towards Everthorn with Ethan in tow. On the way their,however, they were attacked by a giant centipede, again bearing the mark. After a brutal fight, Folith almost fell in battle, but was saved by his friends.
The next day, the party was ambushed in the woods by a group of mercenaries led by General Romulus and Temple Bane. The men were looking to “relieve” Tiggs of his quarry. They brought with them a group of mercenaries of their own: Caden Noteworthy, former thieving partner of Ethan Slightfingers, Kentethelion, a half-orc barbarian, infamous for maiming and eating small children across the Kingdom, and Merki, an elven Sniper. A lengthy battle ensued, and though the party was badly wounded in the fight, they all survived. The only casualty was Kentethelion, whose black heart was ripped out by Torojiro.
After tying up and questioning their rivals, the party found out that Romulus was out to discredit Tiggs, to stir up thoughts of war against the Dwarven Kingdom. Romulus agreed to leave the party alone, as long as they would keep his humiliating defeat a secret. Tiggs acquired a magic compass, enchanted with a tracking spell, from Temple Bane, who used this tool to steal from other mercenaries. The party stole the horses from their foes and rode off, towards everthorn.


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