Graybrow's Fall

Adventure 9: The Treacherous Climb

In which our heroes embark on a journey to save one of their own

The party was greeted with surprise by the young couple, Raina and Bartholomew. However, after they had explained themselves, were given shelter. After they explained Torojiro’s ailment, Raina told the party about a magic spring atop Mt. Beljar. According to her studies many merchants go, seeking the water from the small spring, located in a cavern guarded by a giant beast. Few merchants return, and those that do are reduced to fearful shells of their former selves. The party decided to, after buying some cold weather gear and healing potions, head up the mountain.

When they began their journey, they discovered a path used by many merchants. Continuing down this path, the party discovered an overturned wagon. Wise to this trick, The Mighty Tiggs tried to intimidate his foes with a mighty shout. Unfortunately, this did not scare away the thieves. Neither did Clusterfuck’s threats to smite them with a mighty spell. A battle ensued, and our heroes were able to make short work of these would-be thieves.

As they furthered their way up the mountain, a large boulder fell on the path, breaking off a large part of it and separating the party. Duchess concocted a brilliant plan to tie herself to Clusterfuck and scale the steep ledge. She was successful. Nell of Everthorn attempted a jump, but fell short. Luckily, she was saved by a tightly secured rope and a well-timed Featherfall spell. The party ventured on.

Suddenly, they were attacked by 3 undead assassins sent by Zaruth, Graybrow’s old apprentice. As Duchess and Kresh fought the melee fighters, Nell was able to makethem explode by Turning the Undead, while Tiggs made short work of the Elven Archer.

Venturing forward, our heroes finally made their way to the cavern. Unfortunately, a sleeping troll was blocking their path. Duchess tried to assassinate the troll while he slept, but stepped on a twig and woke him anyway. A bloody battle ensued, and The Mighty Tiggs was pushed off the cliff, falling on the path 30 feet below. Separated from his comrades, he began the treacherous climb up the path to join them.

Meanwhile, the other party members were able to finally dispatch the troll, with Torojiro breaking the monsters neck. Waiting for Tiggs’s return, the party looked at the ominous cavern, knowing that the cure lies within…

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