Graybrow's Fall

Adventure 8: Descent Into Darkness

In which our heroes face a dungeon sans dragons.

The party entered the dungeon, though only Kresh Worldstomper and The Mighty Tiggs could see. Clusterfuck proved mildly useful by casting a light spell, allowing the party to venture forth, evading their pursuers.
The party soon came across a large pit filled with spikes. This had become old hat for them, so they had Torojiro Shuusaku jump across the pit and secure a rope to the other party members, as a sort of safety cord. Unfortunately, both Tiggs and Nell had not tied their rope so well, and ended up impaled on the spikes. They got better though, thanks to Nell’s healing powers.
After fighting through a few Dire Rats, the party came across a chest. Anna “Duchess” Catslove foolishly picked the lock without checking for traps, causing poisonous darts to hit the entire party. Though Kresh Worldstomper began to succumb, he was quickly healed by Nell. In the chest, the party found a few valuable magical weapons. Claiming these weapons as their own, they settled for a brief rest before continuing through the Dungeon.
When they ventured further, many split paths caused the party to become confused. Clusterfuck enchanted Duchess’s rapier so it would cast a light as she explored further ahead, followed by the ever-grumpy Tiggs. Duchess, unfortunately, fell into a horrible trap: a large room where the walls were beginning to close in. The other party members tried to break through the doors. Kresh asked Clusterfuck to cast his last remaining spell (Featherfall) on the door. This did not do anything but make Kresh look like a damned idiot. Luckily, Torojiro and Kresh were able to locate the off switch and save Duchess from a grisly fate.
The party ventured further into the dungeon, braving wire traps and dire rats. Finally, they came to a door with a riddle on the front:
Blood of the Just
Hair of the sinful
Spit of the brave
Wasted Breath of the foolish
Sealed with the prayer of the sun.

Using Torojiro’s blood, Duchess’s hair, Tiggs’s spit, and Kresh’s breath, Nell recited the prayer of the sun and the door opened revealing a large golden Sarcophagus. Upon opening the Sarcophagus, the party was attacked by an ancient Mummy. Kresh ran away, he was that scared.
A massive battle ensued, and the party was almost defeated. At the last minute, Kresh joined the battle to assist his comrades. With many Swipes of Tiggs’s Axe, Battle cries from Kresh, Flying fists from Torojiro, Rapier jabs from Duchess, and several Healing prayers from Nell, the party was able to defeat the horrid beast. However, their victory did come at a great cost: Torojiro was cursed with Mummy rot, and was slowly beginning to wither away into dust. Hoping to find a cure for this ailment, the party searched the chest where they discovered a Staff of Resurrection and a ring of teleportation. Using the ring, the party disappeared from the dungeon.

They reappeared in the living room of a young couple. They were both shocked to see these warriors appear so suddenly. It was just more stress for poor Raina, especially considering all the strange dreams she’s been having lately.


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