Graybrow's Fall

Adventure 7: The Trial of Ethan Slightfingers

In which the beans are spilled...

The party woke up early the next morning to discuss their plans. During this discussion, Duchess Catslove revealed that she had not met with the adventurers randomly: she accompanied them to ensure the safety of her brother, Ethan Slightfingers. The Mighty Tiggs flipped a table. Everyone was shocked.
Under Nell’s truth spell, Duchess revealed that she lives in the center of the border forest in a small wooded village called Haven. The horrible monsters in the forest do not attack the villagers, as Haven is protected by the Great Wizard, Graybrow. Duchess explained further that Graybrow was not the villain that the history books make him out to be. In fact, the hero of the story, Zaruth, was the monster. Graybrow used his most powerful magics to stop his evil apprentice from destroying the world. At this cost, Graybrow was greatly weakened and the East was sealed off. HIstory remembers Zaruth as the victor, who died to save the world from magic. The weakened Graybrow had been tending to those whose homes had been taken over by the Border Forest for the past century.
Now that horrible monsters and dark forces seemed to be returning to the land, Graybrow sent Duchess and Ethan on a secret mission. Ethan was sent to investigate a connection between King Thristel and the East, while Duchess was sent to gather a small team of warriors to invade the East.
Tiggs flipped another table.

At the trial, the party did their best to get Ethan out of an execution, but he was sentenced anyway. However, the trial was interrupted by a loud explosion. In the confusion, Ethan stole Duchess’s Ring of Teleportation, took the King’s Daughter hostage, and disappeared. The party members accompanied the Paladin Markis to find that the bridge to the Courtroom was gone and smoke was coming from the city. Torojirio leapt across the Chasm, then pulled his companions across in the Bag of Holding. Once they arrived in the city, they found many starving, crazed Orcs and Ogres that had broken out of the Everthorn Prison. They also saw many Wizards fighting local Paladins as well as the Orcs. It was a mess.
Though Kresh Worldstomper tried to reason with the orcs, they weren’t having any of it. Neither were the Paladins, who insisted the magical heretics be executed for freeing these beasts. A great battle ensued. In the aftermath the Party realized that they had been seen aiding the mages by Markis. Nell promptly used a sleep spell on him.
The Wizards explained that they were trying to liberate their imprisoned comrades, as well as recover various artifacts. Unfortunately, their information was flawed, and they set free many of the monsters imprisoned in the dungeon. They did show the party the opening to a dungeon where the magical artifacts were kept, explaining that there were a few items down below that would help them escape the city. As they prepared to enter, however, they were attacked by a 5-headed Hydra. Many of the mages were killed in this battle, and the party sustained great injuries, but the monster was slain thanks to the party’s amazing battle tactics and combat prowess.
Once the Hydra was defeated, the brave adventurers ventured into the deep dark dungeon to escape the rapidly approaching Paladins. The wizards, with the exception of Clusterfuck decided to stay and buy the party some time. As the Paladins approached, the Wizards wondered if the dungeon they had sent our heroes was more perilous than the army they were about to face…


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