Graybrow's Fall

Adventure 6: Dealings in Everthorn (Part 2)

In which the party fights magic with incompetence...

The party headed forward into the tunnel. There, they found a small resistance, ready to fight them to the death. There was an elder wizard, an elven ranger, a few halfling archers, and a clumsy mage. While the others tried to reason with the group, Tiggs and Kresh made things a bit more difficult by fighting (and killing) a few of the archers. As the battle escalated, the clumsy mage read one of the many scrolls on the shelf. A brief peace was initiated, due to the threatening presence of Kresh. While peace talks were being made, however, a creature was being summoned at the center of the room. The party joined forces with the resistance to partake in a lengthy battle against a Displacer beast. Though the fight took quite some time, but the party managed to annihilate the beast. The entire battle was recorded by Cluster, the mage who had caused the problem initially. Though his skills in magic were virtually nonexistent, he did inspire the party with tales of great deeds. The battle was lengthy but with a series of Axe Hacking, Head Punching, Rapier Jabbing, and Mace Bashing, the creature was reduced to a few twitching bits of meat.
Torojiro, Kresh, and Nell were sent to the Abbey, where Torojiro was cured of his lycanthrope. Tiggs and Duchess met with the leader of the resistance. While they remained sympathetic to the cause, and did find out that they planned on doing something during the trial to release their imprisoned brethren, they neither committed nor inquired as to what the plans were. When the rest of the party returned, they took the same stance. They went back to The Feathered Quill, while Tiggs went to give information to his fellow mercenaries. Nelis advised that he not reveal this information to the king, but to keep a keen eye out. Their loyalties, as of yet, are undefined.

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