Graybrow's Fall

Adventure 6: Dealings in Everthorn (Part 1)

In which the party completes one quest and embarks on another...

The guards met the party with a bit of suspicion, though they became quite compliant after seeing Ethan Slightfingers in the party’s custody. They agreed to escort the Adventurers back to the king so The Mighty Tiggs could collect his payment. Unfortunately, Kresh Worldstomper was held in custody on the grounds of being an orc. King Thristel paid the adventurers for their services and allowed Kresh to be released into the custody of Torojiro Shuusaku. While Torojiro, Kresh, and Nell went to visit the Peloran Temple, Tiggs met with his fellow mercenaries, Nelis and Joban, at The Slag.
Nelis and Joban collected the guild’s cut of the pay and applauded his efforts. They then let Tiggs know about a whispered rumor of an underground group of mages who, tired of being oppressed in the anti-magic land, were planning something drastic. Tiggs was charged to gather information to decide which side the Dwarves should take. This had to be handled delicately to prevent an all-out war.
At the Temple, Nell met up with her old friend Cinder, the priestess, who took the WereRat child out of Torojiro’s custody and promised to care for her. She took them to the Eldest cleric, who was having a heated debate with the young Paladin, Markis. Markis was trying to find some of the missing clerics (the only magic users legally allowed were clerics of Pelor and Paladins. Arcane magic users were hunted and imprisoned, and any magic items are held by the king). Markis left shortly after. The elder told Torojiro where he could find help: the underground mages. He just didn’t know where they were.
Duchess Catslove went about town to purchase new clothing and take care of her own business. She did not wish to discuss this with anyone else.
The party met at The Feathered Quill and discussed their predicament. Duchess and Tiggs went back to the slag to see if they could find any information. Duchess found some in the form of the halfling drug dealer, Constantine Rofan. Constantine duped Duchess into smoking some devilweed and did not give her any useful information. He also attempted to drug Tiggs, but failed. Tiggs took Constantine outside and roughed him up a bit. This proved quite useful: Constantine receives the materials for his drugs from the mages. He told Tiggs to look under the steps of the library at Sundown the next day. Tiggs collected Duchess and went back to the Inn.

The next evening, the party went to the library. They found a secret tunnel underneath the library. Unfortunately, Constantine had warned the mages, and they sent a few halfling rogues and a sorcerer. Tiggs turned the halflings into Quarterlings, while Nell and Duchess knocked out the sorcerer. Kresh and Torojiro had, unfortunately, been paralyzed by the mage. The party then heard a magical alarm go off. Their presence had not gone unnoticed…


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