Graybrow's Fall

Adventure 5: The Tower of Horrors (Part 3)

In which luck just barely overcomes stupidity...

The party looked at the battle in front of them and decided that they would not be receiving any rest in this room. Torojiro Shuusaku Attempted to strike an alliance with the Orc Barbarian, Kresh Worldstomper. Unfortunately, it took more than a bit of diplomacy to keep Kresh from taking a strike at The Mighty Tiggs. Duchess Catslove Made her way to a prison cell, where she saw a little girl about to be fed to a beastly werewolf. She attempted to talk her way out of this situation, but was met with snarls and claws. Torojiro, hearing the girls cries, leapt into the room, leaving Tiggs and Kresh to sort out their own differences. Duchess, seeking to aid her friends against the undead, was attacked by one of the ghoulish corpses, and fell unconscious.

Meanwhile, Nell of Everthorn, much to the dismay of Mona, attempted to help a young man who was fighting off a large mob of zombies with a table leg. Unfortunately, Nell and Anders were overcome by the zombies, and the young man was eaten. The rest of the party, too busy protecting Duchess, was unable to help Nell.

Kresh and Torojiro slaughtered the werewolf and saved the little girl. Unfortunately, the stress caused her to change into a Wererat and bite Torojiro. The wererat was knocked unconscious and reverted to a little girl. Torojiro took the little girl with him, bound so she could not attack.

The heroes returned and were able to wipe out the rest of the zombies. When they moved into the next room, they saw two large creatures, an ogre and a troll, filleting humanoids and throwing their bodies and skeletons into large piles. The party knew that their only chance would be to sneak around these two behemoths. Unfortunately, nobody told Kresh. Kresh approached the two beasts and said, quite loudly, “Hey, you big squishies. You got any shinies?”

He was immediately smashed down by the two beasts and forced to run. The party lured the monsters into the dungeon hallway and pelted them with Alchemist’s fire.

Fleeing the inferno, the party attempted to go out the front door, but were warned by Mona that the tower was surrounded by living trees with a lust for human flesh. Seeing no other alternative, they took to the basement in search of the sewer drain. In the dark, dingy sewers, there was a large crack in the ground. From this crack sprung several Wights.

The party was overrun with Wights! It took the very last bit of their strength to fend them off. During this fight, Mona exposed herself as a succubus. Out of shame, she ran into the fires away from Nell. Her fate is unknown.
Once the wights were defeated, the party jumped down sewage drain and crawled through human waste. When they came out, they were greeted by a guard.
“What business have you in Everthorn City?”

They Had Arrived.

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