Graybrow's Fall

Adventure 5: The Tower of Horrors (Part 2)

In which a hero falls and hope is scarce...

The battle did not go well for the party. As the fire began consuming the room,Doctor Thelonious slowly regained control of his machine. Nell, who had been horribly scarred by the last attack, was led to a secret back room by Mona. There, she found a wealth of magical items, confiscated by Thelonious. She also noticed that the door was able to be sealed. Using a healing potion, she returned to health, and beckoned her comrades to take shelter in the saferoom.

Outside, the battle continued to rage on. Folith was struck down by the giant machine, instantly knocked out in a crumpled heap on the floor. Ethan Slightfingers attempted to heal him, but only managed to stabilize his condition. In a feat of great bravery, Duchess Catslove scaled the top of the machine and dealt a crucial blow to Thelonious himself. The machine struck Catslove off of its back, damaging itself in the process. The blow was enough to weaken the machine, but rendered Duchess a broken crumpled heap.

Torojiro, who had heard Nell’s plan, told her of the party’s condition. Nell ran from her hiding place and used the last of her spells to heal her friend. Meanwhile, The Mighty Tiggs struck a blow to the mechanical beast that sparked an fountain of flames. The party knew that the room would soon be engulfed in a blazing inferno. Tiggs and Torojiro ran for the saferoom, while Ethan grabbed an unconscious Duchess. Nell was faced with a horrible choice: Save her fallen friend, Folith, or save herself. Fearing that neither would survive if she saved him, she made her way back to the saferoom. Folith’s body, clothing, and all of his belongings were consumed by the flames.

In the magical storage room, the party was able to restock on healing potions, as well as recover their magical belongings. They were able to restore all of Nell’s spells for the day, and heal themselves. Amongst the items, was a vial, able to quell the flames outside. Once they froze over the laboratory, they searched the remains of the battle. They found Thelonious’s charred body, forever in his machine. They also paid their respects to Folith’s ashes.

The party made their way down the hallway, making sure to avoid traps. They were horrified when they found the dungeon they had been imprisoned in moments earlier was covered in blood. Eltar’s body lie in a pile of gore, his face removed. The party followed an eerie giggling to the cell of Kindly John. Kindly John, wearing Eltar’s face, proceeded to taunt the group, claiming to serve a being known only as “The Duck of Secrets”. He tried to confuse the group with a riddle, but was met with an arrow to the hand from Tiggs. The arrow shattered the Duck’s hold over kindly John, and the two dispersed into the ether.

The group travelled downstairs, where they were met with a zombie attack. The party readied themselves for battle once more, wondering if they should join the unruly prisoners and Barbaric Orc, smashing his way through the zombies…


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