Graybrow's Fall

Adventure 5: The Tower of Horrors (Part 1)

Wherein our heroes face unprecedented terrors...

The party awoke in a dungeon, guarded by clockwork men. Thanks to the clever lockpicking of Anna “Duchess” Catslove and the brutal lock smashing of The Mighty Tiggs and Torojiro, the party managed to escape. They disarmed the guards, which was no small feat, and engaged them in battle. Ethan Slightfingers decided it was in his best interest to join the party for now. Nell of Everthorn used her magic to create a smoke cloud, seemingly deactivating the guards. The party used this distraction to dismantle their remaining foes. After relocating their armor and weapons, they were approached by another prisoner, Eltar Zolon. Eltar had been a soothsayer, his mystic eyes plucked out by the Inquisition. He told them of a mad man who performed horrific experiments at the top of the tower. He offered to either heal the warriors, or tell them of their future. Those that chose to hear their futures:
Tiggs: Tiggs learned that he would leave the Dwarven kingdom in disgrace, but return a king.
Nell: Nell was warned of disillusionment and corruption of her god, should she fail a great test in her future.
Folith: Folith was told of a magic that has chosen him to become either great or terrible, but ultimately powerful.
Torojiro: Torojiro was warned that his actions, though heroic at the time, would ultimately lead to a bloody tragedy.

The rest chose to be healed. They party also encounter Kindly John, a disturbing prisoner who told them of what they will face upstairs, and how they will be devoured.

As the warriors made their way upstairs, they were forced to battle more clockwork foes, as well as navigate a hallway of traps. While Duchess was searching a suspicious looking carpet, Torojiro, in a rather fool-hardy move, ran right over it. This caused him to fall into a pit of spikes. The rest of the party chose to jump over the pit, however, Torojiro tripped and fell in again. Nell’s healing spells may have been able to heal the wound, but his pride would not be so resilient.
The top floor was filled with gold, covered with rotting corpses. Folith decided to ignore these corpses and pocket the gold, despite the warnings from his fellow travelers. As they made their way through the hallway, they saw various lab tables with failed experiments. A two-headed creature begged for death (which Folith quickly provided). They then proceeded to the lab.

Once in the lab, the party discovered Dr. Quentin Thelonious and his slave, Mona. Thelonious, upon seeing the party, retreated into his giant mechanized armor. He began attacking the party with giant balls of Fire. Folith, attempting to cut off his fuel supply, slashed open a main full of flammable fluids that covered him and Duchess. Nell and Ethan immediately made their way to the main console, where they successfully disabled the machine: unlocking every door in the tower. Thelonious attacked them with fire, and Nell was severely burned. Mona, who had taken a liking to Nell in their brief time together, began to drag her off somewhere safe. As Thelonious lumbered towards the rest of the party, going in for the kill, Torojiro managed to land a stunning hit. The armor began rebooting, buying the party a little bit of time. The remaining four readied themselves for the fight of their lives, as the room became engulfed in flames…


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