Graybrow's Fall

Adventure 10: All we wanna do is eat your brains

In the cave waits death and magic...

After waiting for Tiggs to climb up the mountain, our heroes entered the cave. With their awesome vision, Tiggs and Kresh were able to spot a small spring amongst many petrified statues. After carefully searching the cave, they discovered the spring was guarded by a deadly Basilisk. Thinking quickly, Nell of Everthorn cast obscuring mist, protecting them from the creatures petrifying gaze. A long, confusing battle ensued, but the creature was finally destroyed. During the fight,Torjiro made his way to the spring and jumped in. His body was immediately torn apart and put back together. During this transformation, he was reminded of an ancient ritual the monks had used on him long ago, unlocking his full Psionic potential.

The party then attempted to heal the few statues that were in perfect condition. Two, a merchant and a little girl, were restored to full health while another, a gnome, suffered a heart attack. Anna “Duchess” Catslove threw the gnome in the spring to see if it would bring him back to life, but he just kinda floated there.

The party then decided to rest, but their rest was interrupted by the arrival of the Basilisk’s MindFlayer Master, who took over the mind of Duchess and forced her to stab Clusterfuck. The party freed her, and prepared to fight the beast. The creature blasted the party with his horrible mind-rape attacks, and almost succeeded in eating Kresh’s brain (a meager meal indeed), but was finally killed by the skillfull swordplay of Duchess Catslove. Feeling that this was not the safest place to stay, the party began to make their way down the mountain.

This session was recorded and can be viewed here:


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