The setting of our campaign is the island/continent of Pheramat. Pheramat is divided into Four Kingdoms/Countries-

Islefault (the Southern Kingdom/Country)- Islefault is a peaceful kingdom. It is the simplest of the four kingdoms. It is also the most diverse, filled with many different races (Humans, Halflings, Elves, and Gnomes mostly. The Dwarves are the only race that generally avoid it.) It’s capital city (also called Islefault) is where King Varum rules over the land. He is well-liked and lets most of the towns and cities run themselves.

The port city of Clavensport, located to the eastern side of Islefault is an extremely popular port town, home to many different races. It is known for its fine shops, entertainment, and philanthropic aristocracy. It is presided over by the Mayor of the City, Chester Hightower. The favorite nightspot of visiting tourists and regular natives alike is the Goblin’s Boot, a tavern and Inn run by Territs Drinkmaker, the Gnome Barkeep. This is where our story will begin. Clavensport’s sister city, Carlington, is located on the western port of Islesfault. Visitors are always welcome in these cities!

Everthorn-Everthorn is the richest and most powerful kingdom on Pheramat. This land is mostly populated with humans and elves, though there is a borough of Halflings toward the borders of the forest. The rich are very rich, and the poor are very poor. It’s capital city is Everthorn City, where King Thristel rules. He is quite strict, but loved by his subjects. Everthorn city is completely run by aristocracy. The poor live in surrounding villages. King Thristel has an alliance with both the Kingdom of Graybrow’s Fall and Islesfault. He is, however, in an uneasy truce with the Dwarves of Avingrad.

Avingrad-Located in the mountains, Avingrad is a vast mining kingdom. Either high atop the peaks, or miles below in the mines, strong, hearty dwarves can be found. Avingrad has many riches and goods that are desired by other kingdoms. The dwarves have become slightly paranoid about losing these jewels. It is said that something dark and dangerous lurks in the deepest caverns of Avingrad, but nobody has any details on the situation. The king of Avingrad is Greir The Just. He is a gruff king, untrusting of other races, particularly the humans of Everthorn, with whom he shares a border. Avingrad has a powerful army, constantly ready for war. Nevertheless, he does what he can to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

Graybrow’s Fall-The eastern kingdom is completely cut off from the others. The Border Forest, which separates most of the kingdoms, as well as a huge wall around its borders, keep unwanted outsiders out. Legend has it that many years ago the great wizard Greybrow had conquered all of the East with his dark magic. He was overthrown by a brave group of spellcasters. When he was defeated, his dark magic poisoned the land. The remaining wizards closed Graybrow’s Fall off from the rest of the kingdom and planted the Border Forest to keep others away. Little is known about this kingdom, outside of this legend.

Border Forest- The center of the island is made up of trees, trees, and more trees. There are occasional clearings and villages, filled with elves, goblins, and halflings. To the southeast, the forest is filled with goblins, orcs, and many monsters. There is a touch of evil to the Black parts of the forest. Lately, these monsters have been seen in other parts of the Border Forest. Perhaps they are spreading out?

There is a monastery located on the border of Islesfault and the Forest. There, the monks have been trying to find a way to bring light to the “black” area of the forest. They have been sending many emissaries out to spread goodness and light into the world. As they are located half a day’s journey from The Black Forest, these monks have been heavily trained in combat.

Graybrow's Fall

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