Graybrow's Fall

Adventure 8: Descent Into Darkness
In which our heroes face a dungeon sans dragons.

The party entered the dungeon, though only Kresh Worldstomper and The Mighty Tiggs could see. Clusterfuck proved mildly useful by casting a light spell, allowing the party to venture forth, evading their pursuers.
The party soon came across a large pit filled with spikes. This had become old hat for them, so they had Torojiro Shuusaku jump across the pit and secure a rope to the other party members, as a sort of safety cord. Unfortunately, both Tiggs and Nell had not tied their rope so well, and ended up impaled on the spikes. They got better though, thanks to Nell’s healing powers.
After fighting through a few Dire Rats, the party came across a chest. Anna “Duchess” Catslove foolishly picked the lock without checking for traps, causing poisonous darts to hit the entire party. Though Kresh Worldstomper began to succumb, he was quickly healed by Nell. In the chest, the party found a few valuable magical weapons. Claiming these weapons as their own, they settled for a brief rest before continuing through the Dungeon.
When they ventured further, many split paths caused the party to become confused. Clusterfuck enchanted Duchess’s rapier so it would cast a light as she explored further ahead, followed by the ever-grumpy Tiggs. Duchess, unfortunately, fell into a horrible trap: a large room where the walls were beginning to close in. The other party members tried to break through the doors. Kresh asked Clusterfuck to cast his last remaining spell (Featherfall) on the door. This did not do anything but make Kresh look like a damned idiot. Luckily, Torojiro and Kresh were able to locate the off switch and save Duchess from a grisly fate.
The party ventured further into the dungeon, braving wire traps and dire rats. Finally, they came to a door with a riddle on the front:
Blood of the Just
Hair of the sinful
Spit of the brave
Wasted Breath of the foolish
Sealed with the prayer of the sun.

Using Torojiro’s blood, Duchess’s hair, Tiggs’s spit, and Kresh’s breath, Nell recited the prayer of the sun and the door opened revealing a large golden Sarcophagus. Upon opening the Sarcophagus, the party was attacked by an ancient Mummy. Kresh ran away, he was that scared.
A massive battle ensued, and the party was almost defeated. At the last minute, Kresh joined the battle to assist his comrades. With many Swipes of Tiggs’s Axe, Battle cries from Kresh, Flying fists from Torojiro, Rapier jabs from Duchess, and several Healing prayers from Nell, the party was able to defeat the horrid beast. However, their victory did come at a great cost: Torojiro was cursed with Mummy rot, and was slowly beginning to wither away into dust. Hoping to find a cure for this ailment, the party searched the chest where they discovered a Staff of Resurrection and a ring of teleportation. Using the ring, the party disappeared from the dungeon.

They reappeared in the living room of a young couple. They were both shocked to see these warriors appear so suddenly. It was just more stress for poor Raina, especially considering all the strange dreams she’s been having lately.

Adventure 9: The Treacherous Climb
In which our heroes embark on a journey to save one of their own

The party was greeted with surprise by the young couple, Raina and Bartholomew. However, after they had explained themselves, were given shelter. After they explained Torojiro’s ailment, Raina told the party about a magic spring atop Mt. Beljar. According to her studies many merchants go, seeking the water from the small spring, located in a cavern guarded by a giant beast. Few merchants return, and those that do are reduced to fearful shells of their former selves. The party decided to, after buying some cold weather gear and healing potions, head up the mountain.

When they began their journey, they discovered a path used by many merchants. Continuing down this path, the party discovered an overturned wagon. Wise to this trick, The Mighty Tiggs tried to intimidate his foes with a mighty shout. Unfortunately, this did not scare away the thieves. Neither did Clusterfuck’s threats to smite them with a mighty spell. A battle ensued, and our heroes were able to make short work of these would-be thieves.

As they furthered their way up the mountain, a large boulder fell on the path, breaking off a large part of it and separating the party. Duchess concocted a brilliant plan to tie herself to Clusterfuck and scale the steep ledge. She was successful. Nell of Everthorn attempted a jump, but fell short. Luckily, she was saved by a tightly secured rope and a well-timed Featherfall spell. The party ventured on.

Suddenly, they were attacked by 3 undead assassins sent by Zaruth, Graybrow’s old apprentice. As Duchess and Kresh fought the melee fighters, Nell was able to makethem explode by Turning the Undead, while Tiggs made short work of the Elven Archer.

Venturing forward, our heroes finally made their way to the cavern. Unfortunately, a sleeping troll was blocking their path. Duchess tried to assassinate the troll while he slept, but stepped on a twig and woke him anyway. A bloody battle ensued, and The Mighty Tiggs was pushed off the cliff, falling on the path 30 feet below. Separated from his comrades, he began the treacherous climb up the path to join them.

Meanwhile, the other party members were able to finally dispatch the troll, with Torojiro breaking the monsters neck. Waiting for Tiggs’s return, the party looked at the ominous cavern, knowing that the cure lies within…

This was recorded:

Adventure 10: All we wanna do is eat your brains
In the cave waits death and magic...

After waiting for Tiggs to climb up the mountain, our heroes entered the cave. With their awesome vision, Tiggs and Kresh were able to spot a small spring amongst many petrified statues. After carefully searching the cave, they discovered the spring was guarded by a deadly Basilisk. Thinking quickly, Nell of Everthorn cast obscuring mist, protecting them from the creatures petrifying gaze. A long, confusing battle ensued, but the creature was finally destroyed. During the fight,Torjiro made his way to the spring and jumped in. His body was immediately torn apart and put back together. During this transformation, he was reminded of an ancient ritual the monks had used on him long ago, unlocking his full Psionic potential.

The party then attempted to heal the few statues that were in perfect condition. Two, a merchant and a little girl, were restored to full health while another, a gnome, suffered a heart attack. Anna “Duchess” Catslove threw the gnome in the spring to see if it would bring him back to life, but he just kinda floated there.

The party then decided to rest, but their rest was interrupted by the arrival of the Basilisk’s MindFlayer Master, who took over the mind of Duchess and forced her to stab Clusterfuck. The party freed her, and prepared to fight the beast. The creature blasted the party with his horrible mind-rape attacks, and almost succeeded in eating Kresh’s brain (a meager meal indeed), but was finally killed by the skillfull swordplay of Duchess Catslove. Feeling that this was not the safest place to stay, the party began to make their way down the mountain.

This session was recorded and can be viewed here:

Failures and Triumphs
In which we learn that fire is not always the best answer...

The party descended the mountains with the two survivors of the Basilisk’s lair. On their way down, they encountered an Ice Golem, at the point in the path that had been broken off by the large boulder. He created an ice bridge, and began advancing on the party. Attempting to attack the creature, The Mighty Tiggs attempted to cross the bridge, but slipped and fell down into the depths. Kresh and Torojiro attempted to fight the beast, using Kresh’s Flaming Sword of Fire and Torojiro’s newfound Psionic powers. Unfortunately, they were standing on an ice bridge, which melted, causing the creature and Kresh to fall. Torojiro jumped down to assist his comrade. During the battle, the merchant had been frozen. Despite the best efforts of Nell, he died. Duchess attempted to carry the small girl across the chasm, but fell. The two were impaled on rocks. Duchess survived, but the little girl, unfortunately was lost.Clusterfuck also fell down the chasm, injuring himself greatly. Nell healed the party, and they rested and regrouped, making their way back to the cottage.

Once they were at the cottage, they saw two War Horses, from Everthorn. Duchess snuck up to the window and discovered General Romulus and Temple Bane torturing Raina and Bartholomew to find out the party’s whereabouts. They are, after all, wanted criminals in Everthorn. Romulus revealed that he had a small army of Paladins searching the nearby town. He began to torture the two with a hot poker.

The party made a loud noise, luring Temple Bane outside. After a skirmish, he was knocked out and left for dead. The party then went inside, where Romulus was holding Raina. He called upon an associate of his (Patrick, the Minotaur), who burst through the wall (Oh Yeah!), and attacked the party. Spells were cast, axes were swung, badgers were summoned, and after a lengthy battle, Romulus had escaped. Tiggs had managed to beat the Minotaur to death, but he was too late to save Kresh, who was killed by the creature’s great axe. Nell used the Resurrection staff to revive her fallen comrade, and the party even managed to save Raina and Bartholomew. Kresh mused over his trip to Valhalla for a bit, before deciding to stay with the party. The party moved forward, into an uncertain future, to escape their pursuers, and find the way to Haven.


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