Graybrow's Fall

Adventure 4: The Bridge

In which our heroes fight an ogre and are kidnapped by unlikely foes...

The party rode forward on horseback for two uneventful days before coming across a bridge. As they were figuring out a way across, they were attacked by 3 goblins, seeking vengeance for the desecration of their [[Adventure 1: To Catch A Thief | Ancestor’s Tomb.]] Our heroes quickly dispatched these foes, and decided to unload the packs on their horses, and attempt to lead them across. In doing so, Duchess Catslove discovered a bag of holding. The party was shocked to discover that the bag was filled with the mutilated bodies of small children. Torojiro Shuusaku, cursing his fallen foe, Kentethelion, vowed to purify this bag before using it any further.
Unfortunately, the smell of the rotting bodies awakened an Ogre that had been sleeping under the bridge. Duchess was gravely wounded, and it was only through sheer luck (and perhaps Divine Intervention) that she survived. In the ensuing battle, Ethan Slightfingers’s horse became spooked. The Mighty Tiggs, refusing to let his quarry get away, shot the last surviving horse. The others managed to kill the monster, and passed the bridge with little trouble.

After traveling further, they came across a small town, marked with the symbol of Pelor. Nell chose to take this opportunity to seek out her fellow clerics. Folith immediately decided to go to a pub to play for money. The others followed him to the local tavern to watch him play.
Meanwhile, Nell explored the city, which seemed to run on steam. She met with Hippolyta, the leader of the New Order of Pelor. There, she learned that this new order has abandoned magic, seeing it as “stealing from the divine”. Nell was then knocked unconscious by an unseen assailant.

As Nell was meeting with the clerics, the patron of the bar served food and drinks to the rest of the party. They talked for a bit, the patrons taking notice of Folith’s magical book, as well as his Arcane Bard Magic. Suddenly, the entire party felt woozy. As they slipped out of consciousness, the last words they heard were “Nobody Expects The Peloran Inquisition!”


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