Graybrow's Fall

Adventure 1: To Catch A Thief

Wherein our heroes are united for a common cause.

The Goblin’s boot was filled with a number of strange visitors, which was not uncommon for the Port City of Clavensport. There were regulars, such as the drunken adopted son of the mayor, Leon Sporkfire. While Territs Drinkmaker, the goblin bartender, served ale to these strange patrons, each spoke of their story. There was The Mighty Tiggs, a Dwarven Mercenary on the hunt for a thief who was wanted for stealing sensitive materials in Everthorn City. There was Torojiro, the young monk, who had left his monastery to find ways to combat the growing darkness in the border forest, Anna “Duchess” Catslove, who had just popped by for some ale, and, of course, the regular performer at The Goblin’s Boot, Folith. Suddenly, through the window crashed Ethan Slightfingers, the man Tiggs was looking for. The visitors banded together (for the most part) and knocked the thief out cold. They found that he had stolen a dagger from the mayor of Clavensport, Chester Hightower. During the scuffle, Leon, Chester’s son, had been rendered unconscious. Motivated by different reasons (duty, greed, or a lust for adventure), the four took both Ethan and Leon to Chester.
Chester Hightower, an extremely kind soul, rewarded the party with supplies, and gave them instructions to escort Ethan to Everthorn, where he was to stand trial. That night, Folith quit his job at The Goblin’s Boot, and Tiggs attempted to buy a whore (with no luck. Dwarven racism at its worst). The next morning, they set about their journey.

The group was, unfortunately ambushed by several dire rats and a group of goblins. During the scuffle, the goblins were slain, but Ethan managed to escape. The group found a small halfling cleric, Jillian, crucified to a tree. They healed her wounds and she, gratefully, returned the favor. Then it began to hail and storm. Much to The Mighty Tiggs’ dismay, the search for Ethan needed to be called off. The party sought shelter in the basement of a Tower to rest. Unbeknownst to them, they had stumbled into a Goblin’s Tomb.

In the tomb, the group faced horrid monsters, such as a Varguoille, a group of wandering goblins, and a Giant Spider. Torojiro was rendered unconscious, and the rest of the group was fading fast, when a wandering cleric of Pelor, Nell, arrived to seek shelter. She healed the party’s wounds and accompanied them in exploring the rest of the tomb. There, they discovered a zombie bugbear prince, who impaled Jillian on his spear, killing her instantly. The heroes fought this foe bravely, sustaining multiple injuries (the Mighty Tiggs received a scar to the face when he was knocked out). Once the beast was knocked out, the party discovered strange markings on its neck. The storm stopped outside, and Torojiro and Nell took the time to bury their fallen comrade. The party set forth to the next town to Recapture Ethan, as well as investigate this spreading darkness…


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